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If you love enjoying a fun-filled day outdoors, interacting with nature and enjoy all things horses, you’ve come to the right place. 1luckyhorse hosts the most incredible events that are suited for the whole family. If you happen to be in the Salt Lake area, we can guarantee you’ll love what we can plan with you around your special day or just getting started!


Christmas Parade

The first weekend of December is our annual Bell Canyon Acres Christmas Parade. All the horses in the neighborhood come together and march down the streets decorated up with Christmas Cheer!

Trail Rides

Trail rides thru 650 Acres of Bell Canyon is Utah is a scenic route no matter what route you take of mountains and in the spring the water runs down the middle of the Canyon. Rides can be booked for 1-3 hours.

Horse Parties

Share the special day with horses, family and friends! Birthday parties, bridal showers, family reunions and team building events we have had the pleasure of hosting. People come together learning, laughing and having a great time at the Nelson's Barn.

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