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Incredibox Invasion: The Best Mod for Incredibox Fans

Incredibox Invasion: A Mod That Takes You to Another World

If you are a fan of Incredibox, the musical game that lets you create your own beats with different characters and sounds, you might be interested in trying out some of the mods that are available online. Mods are modifications or alterations of the original game that add new features, graphics, or gameplay elements. One of the most popular and impressive mods is Incredibox Invasion, created by RB Series, a YouTube channel that specializes in Incredibox content.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Incredibox Invasion, including its features, how to download and install it, and our review of its quality and performance. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about Incredibox and mods in general. So, if you are ready to explore a new world of musical possibilities, read on!

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Features of Incredibox Invasion

Incredibox Invasion is a mod that transforms the original game into a sci-fi adventure, where you have to create your own alien invasion soundtrack with eight new characters, each with their own unique sounds and animations. The mod also adds new bonuses, a new background, and a new theme that matches the futuristic vibe of the mod. Here are some of the features that make Incredibox Invasion stand out:

New characters and sounds

The mod introduces eight new characters that replace the original ones from the game. They are:

  • Alien - The leader of the invasion, who makes eerie vocal sounds.

  • Robot - A mechanical creature that produces electronic beats.

  • Drone - A flying device that creates atmospheric noises.

  • Spaceship - A large vehicle that makes engine sounds and laser blasts.

  • Astronaut - A human who has been captured by the aliens, who makes distorted voice sounds.

  • Mutant - A creature that has been genetically modified by the aliens, who makes animal-like noises.

  • Raygun - A weapon that shoots rays of energy, creating synth sounds.

  • Bomb - An explosive device that makes bass sounds and explosions.

Each character has four different sounds that you can combine to create your own mix. The sounds are categorized into effects, beats, melodies, and voices. You can also mute or solo each character to adjust your mix.

New bonuses and animations

The mod also adds four new bonuses that you can unlock by creating specific combinations of sounds. The bonuses are:

  • Abduction - The aliens abduct some humans with their tractor beam.

  • Attack - The aliens attack the city with their weapons.

  • Escape - The humans try to escape from the alien spaceship.

  • Explosion - The bomb explodes, destroying everything.

The bonuses add extra sounds and animations to your mix, making it more dynamic and fun. The animations are well-designed and match the style of the original game.

New background and theme

The mod also changes the background and theme of the game to fit the invasion scenario. The background shows a city under attack by the aliens, with buildings on fire, flying saucers, and smoke. The theme is dark and gloomy, with a red and black color scheme. The theme also affects the sounds and the interface of the game, making them more ominous and futuristic. The mod creates a contrast between the original game, which is colorful and cheerful, and the modded version, which is dark and menacing.

How to Download and Install Incredibox Invasion

If you want to try out Incredibox Invasion, you will need to download and install it on your device. The mod is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices, but you will need to have the original Incredibox game installed first. Here are the steps to download and install Incredibox Invasion:

Requirements and compatibility

Before you download the mod, make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements for running Incredibox. You will need:

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  • A device with at least 1 GB of RAM and 300 MB of free storage space.

  • An internet connection for downloading the mod and accessing the online features of the game.

  • The latest version of Incredibox installed on your device. You can get it from the official website or from the app store of your device.

The mod is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher, and iOS 9.0 or higher. However, some devices may experience performance issues or bugs due to different specifications or settings.

Download link and instructions

To download the mod, you will need to visit the RB Series YouTube channel, where you will find a video that showcases the mod and provides a download link in the description. The download link will take you to a Google Drive folder that contains the files for the mod. You will need to download the file that corresponds to your device (Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS).

Once you have downloaded the file, you will need to unzip it and copy it to the folder where Incredibox is installed on your device. The folder location may vary depending on your device, but you can usually find it in one of these paths:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Incredibox

  • Mac: /Applications/

  • Android: /Android/data/

  • iOS: /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/Incredibox/Documents

You will need to replace the original files with the modded ones, so make sure to back up your data before doing so. You can also rename the original files instead of deleting them, so you can switch back to them later if you want.

Troubleshooting and tips

If you encounter any problems while downloading or installing the mod, here are some tips that might help:

  • Make sure that you have enough storage space on your device and a stable internet connection.

  • Make sure that you have permission to access and modify the files on your device. You may need to enable some settings or use a file manager app to do so.

  • Make sure that you download the correct file for your device and unzip it properly.

  • Make sure that you copy the files to the right folder and replace or rename the original ones.

  • Make sure that you restart your device after installing the mod.

  • If the mod does not work or causes errors, try reinstalling it or restoring the original files.

  • If you have any questions or feedback about the mod, you can contact RB Series through their YouTube channel or their Discord server.

Review of Incredibox Invasion

Now that you know how to download and install Incredibox Invasion, you might be wondering if it is worth it. To help you decide, we have reviewed the mod based on its pros and cons, its comparison with other mods and versions, and its user feedback and ratings. Here is our honest opinion about Incredibox Invasion:

Pros and cons

The mod has many advantages that make it fun and enjoyable to play. Some of them are:

  • It adds new characters, sounds, bonuses, animations, background, and theme that are creative and well-made.

  • It offers a different experience from the original game, with a sci-fi twist that is exciting and immersive.

  • It challenges your musical skills and creativity, as you have to create your own mix with different elements.

  • It is easy to download and install, and compatible with most devices.

  • It is free and safe to use, as long as you follow the instructions and respect the creator's rights.

However, the mod also has some drawbacks that might affect your enjoyment. Some of them are:

  • It replaces the original game, so you cannot play both versions at the same time.

  • It may cause some performance issues or bugs on some devices, depending on their specifications or settings.

It may not appeal to everyone's taste, especially if you prefer


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